Super Bowl – Super Food!

Add better-for-you options to grid-iron buffets for this year’s Super Bowl party.  Plan ahead so you can amp up health and wellness and not “deflate” your healthy eating food plans. Add fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and roasted lean meats.

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Support for Bike and walking

Minnesotans Support Walking and Biking

A recent poll found that 65% of Minnesotans support pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure funding. BLEND does, too!  Join us to urge MN legislatures and Governor Dayton to include $50 million for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure funding in their budgets.

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Rethinking New Year's Resolution

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Kelly Radi has resolved to “dump the crazy diets, fad work outs and unattainable expectations and simply make intentional nutritional choices, move more and sit less.”  Instead of making unattainable resolutions, try to target particular areas in your life for do-able tweaks.

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Healthy Choice – Easy Choice

In a recent announcement, CentraCare Health – starting January 6 – will be modifying its food pricing at the St. Cloud Hospital and CentraCare Health Plaza to make the healthier choice, the easy and affordable choice.

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Home Packed Lunch 2

Do you pack a school lunch for your kids?

A new study reveals school lunches are generally more nutritious than lunches packed at home.  The study found that parents frequently pack things like chips, sweets, and sugary drinks—all of which are not allowed under the National School Lunch Program.

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