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walking and biking paths MNIf you are on our email list, you recently received an “Action Alert” regarding the Park and Trail Legacy funding before our legislature. We want to thank each one of you who contacted your local legislator regarding this issue. Your voice made a difference, and we’re excited to share some good news with you.

Thanks to YOU, everyone on the Greater MN Regional Park and Trail Coalition, and supporters, we were able to make a difference in pushing back the Metro and DNR monopoly on Park and Trail Legacy funding, according to GMRPTC Lobbyist, Dan Larson.

He reports the following activities are taking place this week:

  1. The House and Senate (majority) republicans hold a weekly rural caucus meeting. That meeting happened last Tuesday, and we were able to get Park and Trail Legacy funding on the agenda.
  2. We had a meeting last Tuesday with DNR Commissioner Landwehr, and made the following points:
  • The agency gave a bad recommendation to the governor on Park and Trail Legacy splits
  • That recommendation put Greater MN Parks and Trails in hole going into negotiations
  • What can the department do to help us out of the predicament they put us in, and
  • The Greater MN Regional Park and Trail Coalition expects to be fully engaged in any recommendations affecting Parks and Trails going forward

We also had a meeting with the Governor’s staffer on environmental issues last week, where we made the case for a higher percentage of Park and Trail Legacy funding.

This is a great accomplishment and example of what can be done when we all work together toward a common goal.There is still work to be done, but we’re certain those who have shared their voice have helped us move in the right direction.

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3 Responses to “Your Voice Makes a Difference”
  1. Hello Supporter:
    I just got back from the Park & Trail Council ‘trail day’ at the capitol. We did find out the the actual governors budget that was built with DNR and P & T support – did NOT support outstate funding equity on the spending of ‘Legacy’ funds. We in Duluth thought that the Park & Trails Council was designed to help support ALL Minnesota parks and trails – but this was not the case on this budget issue.
    Our group, Wheels On Trails, has been working for ten years to support park and trail use in Minnesota by people with disabilities. Please refer to the American Trails site for further information (Dangerous Duluth Trails article). We applaud your efforts at equity in funding, and would like to lend our support from Duluth. We did send a letter to all legislators this week, calling their attention to this funding inequity. Please place us on your mailing list for future action alerts! Thanks again. Dwight Morrison, co-chair

  2. charlie parson says:

    Thanks for the efforts to get the metro/dnr monopoly broken up. Everyone knows that metro people have expensive needs, but the dollar definitely goes further in the rural areas that they flee to for more spatially extensive recreational opportunities. We rural constituencies need and deserve a third of the legacy funding for park and trail development, if not more.

    Charlie Parson
    Vice Chair
    Beltrami Park and Trail Advisory Committee


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