[Guest Post] Let’s Get Moving with “Clubhouse Kids Fitness” at Rejuv Medical!

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Megan BuermannThis is a guest post by Megan Buermann, MS, RCEP.

Megan is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Rejuv Medical in Waite Park.  As an Exercise Physiologist, Megan works with a variety of patients ranging from elderly clients, weight loss clients to even kids in Rejuv’s Clubhouse Kids Fitness program.  Megan is a runner and has completed her very first full Marathon this summer at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN!


It’s hard to think, but this generation of kids is predicted to have a shorter lifespan than their parents, mainly due to the childhood obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.  So what is the solution!?! This is when the iconic musical hit from the Madagascar films comes to mind… “I Like to Move It”!!

Clubhouse Kids Fitness

Now if only we could get ALL kids to be as excited about moving!  That’s where we at Rejuv Medical can lend a helping hand by providing fun interactive activities and exercises for the kids paired with nutrition education for the kids and parents.  Because let’s face it, it all goes back to what we are putting into our body in the first place!

Educating Families About Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Clubhouse Kids Fitness is all about getting kids moving again while instilling healthy changes into their life through fitness and nutrition.  It’s fun for kids because they have opportunities to go through obstacle courses, participate in fun stations, have relay races, team up in partner games and activities…and, will get a chance to participate in a local 1k or 5k kid’s fun run! 

Rejuv Medical
But it’s not ALWAYS about the kids… Clubhouse Kids Fitness includes nutrition education for parents as well, by providing access to Rejuv University online nutrition, grocery shopping tour and family breaking barriers sessions.

Get Started 2-DAY!!!

Just imagine a day when your child wants to bike around the park on a beautiful summer evening instead of parking it in front of the TV.  A day when they request fresh fruit for a snack instead cookies or chips.  Or even better, a day when they finish their first race and you get to witness their smiling faces as they cross the finish line.

Healthy Living Trail

The Harold P. Nelson Health Living Trail on 3rd Street North in Waite Park, MN is an outdoor gym available to everyone, at any time, for FREE!

Make this summer the kick start to a long life of health and wellness for not only you, the parent, but for your child as well!
Our current summer session is 8 weeks long, starting June 11th – August 15th but kids can enroll at any time!  The price is only $60/month for your child to be a part of a program that can get them on the right track to a healthier, stronger, active life!

For more information about Clubhouse Kids Fitness at Rejuv Medical check out our website

Give me a call if you have questions…or, if you want to sign your child up today!
Megan Buermann