Help Fund the Good Food Access Program!

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Earlier this month, an opinion piece ran in the Star Tribune that explained the need for all Minnesotans to have access to groceries stores in the state, and with the loss of local grocery stores, rural areas across the state have lost their access to healthy and affordable foods at an alarming rate.

The Good Food Access Program would help address this critical challenge in our state, but we need your help to urge lawmakers to be part of the solution.

Take action now, share this opinion piece with your lawmakers and ask them to fully fund the Good Food Access Program.

With over 340,000 Minnesotans struggling with a lack of access to healthy, affordable foods, it is important that Minnesota fully fund innovative ways to improve access to healthy, affordable foods across the state. It’s critical that the Good Food Access Program have the resources necessary to invest in their solutions. The Good Food Access Program will do more than address critical food access challenges, it will also boost local economies and improve health outcomes for all Minnesotans.

Where you live in our state should not determine whether or not you have access to nutritious foods. By fully funding the Good Food Access Program, we can change this.

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