Finding Friends and Improving Health One Ride at a Time

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mn bike ridingThe newly formed Central Minnesota Bicycle Club is off to a great start and is looking for bicycle enthusiasts of all skill levels to join them in their efforts to create a premier cycling organization in central Minnesota.

This diverse group consists of individuals with interests ranging from casual trail rides to multi-day self supported tours on roads, focusing on the camaraderie and health benefits biking has to offer. Jan Lasar, the club’s interim president, says he started to make contact with bikers he knew from riding the Soo-Line Trail after realizing there was a need for organizing cyclists in his area. “Central Minnesota is a hotspot for bicycling.” he explains. “I felt there needed to be an organization to represent all of us and give us a forum to socialize and support each other.” With Morrison County’s recent dismal health ranking, the time seems right to start such a club.

The group, which has had their first meeting in January, has a Facebook page and is in the process of setting up a website to help fan interest among bike lovers. Members are also planning to attend events such as the Caramel Roll Ride and the Tour of Saints in order to gather more support from fellow cyclists. “We all agree it should be a fun, relaxed organization where everyone is welcome and can find friends to ride with,” relates Lasar. With the addition of new members the club aims to eventually become more organized, but for now everyone is anxiously awaiting the official arrival of bike season.

You are invited to contact the Central Minnesota Bicycle Club via email:

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