BLEND Walk-A-Thons for Elementary Schools

Fundraising is essential and often necessary to support vital school programming and to supplement funding gaps. However, it’s important to fundraise wisely and with great discretion.  Not only do schools need to be careful not to exhaust families with additional financial burden, or worse, lose their support entirely – schools also need to ensure they are compliant with the new USDA “Smart Snacks in School” fundraising rule.

We have found the perfect fundraising model and it’s called: BLEND Walk-A-Thons!  BLEND Walk-A-Thons are an active, healthy fundraiser that can help schools raise money responsibly and in a way that positively impacts health and wellness.

BLEND has made it easy for elementary schools and organizations to adopt the walk-a-thon fundraising model and get started planning today. We’ve created “tools for organizing” a walk-a-thon and we’re happy to make them available for download absolutely free. Just click on each of the graphics to learn more and to download the information.

BLEND Walk-A-Thons for Elementary SchoolsElementary School Walk-A-Thon – Staff Letter   Elementary School Walk-A-Thon - Student LetterElementary School Walk-A-Thon – Brochure   Elementary School Walk-A-Thon – Checklist   Elementary School Walk-A-Thon – PromotionsElementary School Walk-A-Thon - Student Envelope
Elementary School Walk-A-Thon - Donation Log   Elementary School Walk-A-Thon - Donation Receipt   Elementary School Walk-A-Thon - Classroom Collection



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