BLEND Walk-A-Thons

BLEND Walk-A-Thons are a healthy, active fundraising model that asks students to collect donations for their school and in return they can participate in a day of celebration and physical activity. The events include walking but schools are creating additional opportunities for students to engage in a variety of fitness fun!

BLEND Walk-A-Thons have proven to be wildly successful for Central Minnesota schools. In fact, many schools are calling it quits with other fundraising efforts. BLEND calls it “ONE and DONE”. One fundraiser, once per year…period!  Why?  BLEND Walk-A-Thons are very profitable. Schools keep every penny – 100% of the money raised stays at the school.

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It’s true, schools can make a lot of money hosting a walk-a-thon fundraiser, but BLEND Walk-A-Thons are so much more than reaching financial goals. BLEND Walk-A-Thons:

  • Support a healthy school food environment and current wellness activities
  • Can leverage efforts for policy, system and environment change (PSE)
  • Eliminate competitive foods in fundraising
  • Are ALL-inclusive
  • Build school spirit
  • Increase student participation
  • Require no contracts
  • Are hassle-free!  No more fulfilling product orders
  • Do NOT require students to sell products and goods for manufacturers

See for yourself – just click on each of the PDF’s below to see how walk-a-thons have made a difference for Central Minnesota schools since 2011.

Walk-A-Thons Physical Activity Walk-A-Thons Nutrition

BLEND Walk-A-Thon Resources

We know you’re already making great strides to encourage your school to make healthy choices and get moving. To help your school continue to reach for a healthy school environment and to further improve fundraising practices, BLEND has developed comprehensive walk-a-thon resources to provide schools with step-by-step instructions to plan and host a successful walk-a-thon event.

To get started – check out this exciting video which highlights our local school efforts and accomplishments over the last three years. The video offers a glimpse into the BLEND Walk-A-Thon model and showcases the amazing successes our local schools have found with walk-a-thon fundraisers. Free feel to share this video with your school administrators, PTO/PTA, staff and parents.

Walk-A-Thon video

BLEND has worked closely with elementary, middle and high schools to develop resources to ensure you have the tools for organizing the best walk-a-thon for your school.  No matter what school level you are interested in learning more about, we’ve got you covered.  We have bundled them into two categories – one for elementary schools (Pre-K to 5th grade) and the other for middle and high schools (6th to 12th grade).

Elementary School Walk-A-Thon Resources

Middle and High School Walk-A-Thon Resources

BLEND Walk-A-Thon Blogs

BLEND Walk-A-Thons keep getting better and we have the stories to show you!  Our past walk-a-thon blogs show the transformations made since 2011. You’ll notice the name has changed from Walk-At-School to BLEND Walk-A-Thons. The number of schools hosting a walk-a-thon has grown from 6 to 19!  And now, the tools for organizing a walk-a-thon has gone from a simple guidebook to comprehensive resources to help any school easily plan and implement a successful walk-a-thon.

Read our past BLEND Walk-A-Thons blog, here!  To stay connected to BLEND and have our blogs sent directly to your email inbox – simply sign up today!

BLEND Walk-A-Thon Support

Funding from the CentraCare Health Foundation and Stearns County SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) were instrumental in the development of the BLEND Walk-A-Thon resources. CentraCare Health Foundation

Stearns County SHIP logo

If you have questions about BLEND Walk-A-Thons, please contact BLEND at 320-251-2700 ext. 77524 or email at

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