NuVal® in Schools

Through a partnership with the Medica® Foundation, BLEND launched the NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System at Sartell-St. Stephen Schools in 2012.  NuVal assists students and faculty make healthier food choices on a daily basis in the a la carte lines and in vending machines.  Although the system is found in over 1,800 grocery stores nationwide, Sartell – St. Stephen Schools was the first in Minnesota and second in the nation to offer NuVal® to middle school and high school students.

At Sartell – St. Stephen Schools, NuVal® scores are displayed directly on the price tags in the vending machines and a la carte lines, making it easy for students and faculty to compare the overall nutrition of the foods they choose. 

NuVal in Schools


Every Bite Counts

NuVal® is committed to making an impact with kids and their families. Behind the scenes, NuVal® uses science and a comprehensive algorithm to ‘boil down’ the nutrients in a food and determine its nutrition quality.  For the consumer, it’s an easy-to-use tool for all ages, helping them to find foods with higher overall nutrition.  NuVal® scores range from 1 to 100, the higher the score, the higher the nutrition. 

The best way for students to use NuVal® is to “trade up” from what they’re currently eating to a higher scoring product. Even the smallest jump in scores can have an impact on health.  NuVal® is most useful to students when they use it to “trade-up” within a particular food category.  For example, students are not expected to trade their breakfast cereal for broccoli, rather for a higher, comparable breakfast or cereal item.