BLEND Beginnings

The preschool years are a critical time for growth and development. Establishing healthy eating habits and encouraging daily active play early in childhood can help prevent obesity and cultivate lifelong healthy behaviors. 

Recognizing that child care providers are in a unique position to support healthful eating and promote physical activity among young children, BLEND has created a nutrition and physical activity program specific for child care.  “BLEND Beginnings” is designed to assist child care providers build environments for young children that support the increased consumption of healthy foods and promotes more opportunities to engage in physical activity.

Learn more about the BLEND Beginnings Nutrition and Physical Activity Program.

Create a Healthy Environment for Children

Daily practices in child care can either support or discourage healthy behaviors.  Child care policies relating to nutrition and physical activity practices assures that children are provided the best possible care and the healthiest environment in which they learn and play. 

Adopting policies will:

  • guide providers in making decisions every day,
  • assure consistency and accountability,
  • demonstrate a caring attitude about the health of children,
  • send positive messages to parents and family members. 

Sample Child Care Site Policy

Sample Child Care Site Policy Rationale

Sample Healthy Celebrations Policy