Wrapping up the 7th Annual Fit Kids Club Series!

The 7th annual BLEND Fit Kids Club Series has come to an end! BLEND staff are working hard to gather all participation numbers to determine incentive winners. Remember, all children 12 years of age or younger who participated in 4 or more FKC endorsed events, or 3 FKC events plus one of their choice, will earn a customized pillowcase! Watch your email inbox for details.

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Active Schools – Minnesota

Did you know that when students are physically active before, during, and after school they are more likely to succeed?!

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Register for the 2017 Earth Day Run!

It’s that time of year again, folks! Time to register for the 2017 Earth Day Run! Check out our Earth Day Run page to learn about the exciting stuff planned for 2017 and view photos from last year’s event! & don’t forget to register!

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Fare for All in Central Minnesota!

BLEND staff recently had the pleasure of volunteering with Fare for All in St. Cloud and St. Joseph. This non-profit organization, sponsored by the Twin Cities-based The Food Group, seeks to make quality food affordable to everyone!

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CentraCare Recognized Nationally for Childhood Obesity Efforts

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation today recognized the greater St. Cloud region in its release of an updated collection of stories and reports from a growing number of states, cities and counties that have measured declines in their childhood obesity rates.

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